Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I’m going to post to my blog more!

April Fools!

Seriously, April 1st is a big day for me. It means 90 days in a new city, 60 days in a new house and the 30 day anniversary of discovering the location of my iron.

All in all, the move was quite a bit more intense that I ever would have imagined and the New York City pace is everything people say. I find that my days are a good two hours longer in Manhattan then they were in Cincinnati and the risk of being unproductive is much higher. I really have to focus on the task at hand to keep the day from slipping away.

I am enjoying the train commute (half of my Facebook updates originate there) and I’m getting back into listening to Podcasts and really using mobile internet sites. I can see how anyone who commutes into the city needs an iPhone or SmartPhone.

I am not enjoying the red tape that moving to a new city entails. My wife and I have made a collective five trips to the BMV to get the cars registered, countless reams of new job and insurance paperwork, and all new banking and utilities to deal with. You know you have to update the Netflix account or they’ll stop sending you movies :)

That leads me to an April Fools challenge for those of you who still bother to read this drivel. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the low budget indie film April’s Fool?

This little gem of a film was released in 2001 and I was lucky enough to stumble upon one of the few theatrical showings at the Esquire Theater. It was shot mostly in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky and unlike Airborne I remember it being somewhat good. I’d love to rent it again to see if it has a shelf life.

Happy April’s Fool day!


  1. In order not to make you feel like no one reads this drivel, I am posting a comment. This is the end of my comment. My word verification word is conestof.

  2. I think you may have caught an exclusive at the Esquire for April's Fool. I think this guy may be able to point you to a copy:

  3. Anonymous12:18 AM

    Sounds like you're fitting in well!

    Congrats on your promo!!!

    Look me up on FaceBook... I'd love to follow your early morning rants from the slightly mad-man on the train... :)

    - ray

    P.S., What kind of work is preagi? At least you can read Blogger CAPTCHA's unlike most other services... I still get the the facebook ones wrong 1/2 the time (which, for some reason, it's been throwing at me again... ugh.).

    Anyway, congrats and I hope all is well!