Monday, November 17, 2008

Cincinnati Digital Hub

I was a last minute add to the speaker roster at the Cincinnati Digital Hub Initiative Non-conference. It was a good time as well as being my 2nd un-conference of the year. Will I ever pine for the days of just a good old conference-conference?

Glenn Platt's AIMS blog for Miami University  has a round-up of what went down at the conference that's better than anything I could write. (It also doesn't hurt that e liked my talk on Consumer Behavior.)

So check it out.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

BeeReader is a QR Code reader for Palm

BeeReader is a new QR Code (or Semacode) format that has alot going for it right now. It reads QR and DataMatrix codes and has it's own format that can scan from about 3 feet on a computer monitor. (BTW, that's impressive.)

It's internal format supports URLs, feeds and contact info from it's web builder, and has pretty tight integration (at least on the Palm OS) to the Web browser and contact tools.

The image above is my RSS feed.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Memes, Rats and such...

I seem to be pretty attracted to the idea of memes. A quick wiki-definition for those of you not familiar with the internets...

The word meme (pronounced /miːm/)[1] is a popular neologism denoting any learned thought, feeling, or behavior. Examples include thoughts, ideas, theories, practices, habits, songs, dances and moods. Memes propagate themselves and can move through a "culture" in a manner similar to the behavior of a virus. As a unit of cultural evolution, a meme in some ways resembles a gene.

I stumbled across a interesting new meme that I think is incredibly funny. Take a look at GraphJam...


So my idea is to take the various memes out there and apply them to my meme-mock site (Believe me, photoshopping rats gets old real quick.)


Monday, June 23, 2008

OMG Force (48 hour film version)

Hello all,

I know I've been slacking on the posting lately, but I've been busy. The video below is Shooting Bridge's entry in the 2008 48 Hour Film Project. I had the pleasure of directing a cast and crew of around 25 people--mostly amateur--to deliver a pretty rocking idea in just 48 hours from start to finish.

Mad props to everybody who contributed, and check out soon for production photos, scripts, etc.

Monday, April 07, 2008


This is an actual email I sent to my wife today about the "restaurant" ZenBurger

From: Wilson, Michael
Sent: Mon 4/7/2008 11:31 AM
To: stuntmom@???????.com
Subject: Ate a vegetarian breakfast today.... accident. I was walking around Lexington Ave and I saw this "burger" joint that has "breakfast" sandwiches...

Can you believe there was no line!?!? So I stepped up and ordered a "Sausage" and "Egg" sandwich on an Whole Wheat English muffin. It came back fast and I sat down and started eating. ($8 for a McMuffin and Coffee, I pondered? Well it is New York...)

So as I ate, I was like, "This thing is horrible, but I'm hungry." (Which says a lot about my personality that would continue to eat a bad breakfast as long as I thought there was some meat inside.) And it wasn't until my last bite that I saw a menu next to where I was sitting that said everything was vegetarian.

So can you guess if I ate that last bite?

Friday, March 28, 2008

RockBand Rock-a-thon for the Arts...

My work is doing a RockBand/GuitarHero "rock-a-thon" to support the Fine Arts Fund. We did some sweet shirts, posters and other nonsense to promo the event. The image below links to our blog that has the full rundown and info on how to donate.

Also, check out the Web Cast starting today at noon.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A good friend of mine has created a site to help him find a new career in the non-profit world. He's a smart person with the unique ability to get things done.

I want people who are already experienced in the not-for-profit world to show me how things work and I want/need their help in directing me towards the best possible position for me to chase. If you want to directly help me get there, thank you very much. If you want to just read-along that’s cool too.

via FindingMyDotOrg

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

On my way to the Game Developers Conference...

Yes, it's that time of year again. The GCD is in full effect in San Francisco and I'll be leaving in a few short hours to rub elbows (hopefully just elbows) with the best and brightest in the video game industry.


"Got plans," you ask?

Why yes I do. I'm hoping to meet the peeps from Qube and get a demo of their Q Middleware solution...

Q is a new middleware for games and other real-time 3D applications, the result of everything we've learned through our history, creating Reality Lab at RenderMorphics, and Direct3D at Microsoft, working with game developers and hardware vendors whilst integrating real-time 3D into the world's biggest selling operating system.

I also met the ScaleForm GFX crew last year, hopefully they have a Indie solution for me this year.

Last, but not least, I was really impressed with the TorqueX system from GarageGames and that coupled with the XBox 360 content creation account I expect to see some great stuff at the Independent Games Festival this year running native on 360s.

If Hollywood was a Person...

Wacky stuff going on in the on-line comics space. The "Funny Pages" might be the canary in the coal mine of what will eventually happen to TV/Music and radio.

Click around Subnormality and you can find a wealth of free (and paid) content that's as good (if not better) than the crap in your local paper.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Added ShareThis to the Site

I met a few of the principles from ShareThis at my work yesterday and decided to add their tool to my personal blog, just to try it out.


It's the green button below...

UPDATE: It looks like I messed something up that's keeping it from working with IE. I'll take a look at fixing it later this evening.

UPDATE: Working again. Looks like I had a case of RTFM.

Friday, February 08, 2008

UPDATE: Interesting Password Generator

You probably don't know, but I'm a password junkie. I have well over 100 sites that have user names and passwords.

To stay secure, I try to different passwords for each site I visit. That way if someone discovers my password on one site (like the OC fansite message board) they can’t use it on another site (like the Desparate Housewives fansite message board.)

So, I try to use a combination of a single password (awesomesauce) with the site that I’m on (ebay) into a new password (ebayawesomesauce). You can imagine how complicated that gets on hundreds of websites and how easy it would be to crack that code if you saw a few passwords.

Here comes the SuperGenPass to the rescue. It will generate new passwords based on the domain of the site you are using in conjunction with a “master password” encrypted to the point where no one can see the master password in the first place.

Confused yet? Check it out and keep your identity safe(r).

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Stupid Stat: 5 Big MMORPGs Have More People than Poland

When you total the subscriber bases of 5 of the largest  MMORPGs they hit a whopping 45,000,000+ users. As of 2002, the total population of Poland was 36,983,720.

Want proof? Here's a chart :) **


I picked these five pretty much at random to show a mix of free, paid, US and Asian. Numbers are rounded and are probably made up by the companies themselves.

** Of course, finding these numbers isn't easy. Here's the sources for each of these numbers. Ragnarok Online, GameSpot Article. World of Warcraft, Blizzard Press Release. Lineage I + II, Gaia Online, Article. RuneScape,

Take that, Bob.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Windows Live Writer gives Blogger a GUI

Check out Windows Live Writer--a free download from Micro$oft. It gives you a great WYSIWYG editor for your blog even if it's hosted by Google.

Download and installation took quite a while for such a small program, but configuring it for my blog took no time at all. It even grabbed a sample post from my site to allow me see in real-time what my post will look like. I've made major updates to the templates Blogger gives you and I'm self-hosting so that's no small feat.

Small centered text? Check.

It also gives you drag and drop image support (see above). I'm planning to step up up posting on the myriad (yep, spell check works) of blogs I've started and abandoned, so this should keep me engaged for a while.

I totally found this on Timmy's TechToolBlog so blame him if it destroy's your system.