Sunday, April 12, 2009

GoodSync + Amazon S3 = Sweetness

I've been struggling with my home network all day. I had a 250GB drive in my FreeNAS server fail and it's made my whole Easter Sunday very depressing. Lucky for me I had dual drive setup that mirrored all my important data, but I hadn't been good at keeping it all that up to date.

I was a big fan of Microsoft SyncToy for backing files to my home network, but it's failed me in the past, and the new Sync 2.0 framework that seems to run constantly system is bothersome, so I ventured out for a new solution.

I've been using Siber System's RoboForm for years and I knew they had a sync solution, but I hadn't investigated. Oh, what I've been missing out on is file-syncing sweetness...

This bad boy will sync files between networks, FTP sites and (the kicker for me) my Amazon S3 storage account. Now I can have automated local backup to cheap USB drives or my FreeNAS (if I ever get it working again...) *and* I can backup to the Amazon cloud storage for mission critical files I can't afford to lose.

April is a good month to cracking, GoodSync is $19.55 until 4/15 (down form 30 bucks with coupon code 1040G) and “data transfer in” to Amazon S3 is only $0.03 per GB (vs. the standard $0.10) for 3 months, April through June.



  1. There is a new kid on the block - online backup product that will come out later this month called CloudBerryDrive. It will be powered by amazon S3 reliable
    and cost efficient storage. If you want to take part in early beta and perhaps get a discount later sign up on the website What safer place to keep your files than Amazon's servers?

  2. You really have 250 gb of data to backup daily? I've been using MS live mesh (10 gigs) to backup to the cloud. All the family photos are up on Picasa so I dont have to worry about those. I gave up on storing music a long time ago & stream with Pandora. I killed my home media server when xbox 360 for netflix came out. So mostly my live mesh is code.

  3. I don't push that daily, but I have 250GB of stuff I wouldn't want to loose that has nothing to do with family photos :)

    Each game I made (even 6 years ago) has source graphics, animation, sound, etc. well over a single 4.2GB DVD, and I just don't trust solid state or optical media will last.

    This game alone is a 25GB project...

  4. Well then I would say a Amazon S3 or Rackspace cloud would do the trick, not sure why you are messing with a home nas. nas are really more trouble then they are worth - my 2 cents.

  5. Oh and shouldn't those projects be checked into a svn or git server somewhere anyways :)

  6. At the time our sweet 40GB CVS server was my Dad's old P2 Dell desktop circa 1993. :)

    It *only* failed twice (and I think each time I died a little.)