Friday, October 21, 2005

PVR Pics (a.k.a NerdAlert)

So, finally. Here's the final 120GB, dual tuner GB-PVR box in all it's glory. In this photo the DVD drive is ejected.

The uber-quiet fan on the left is controlled by a knob under the DVD drive that allows my to turn all the fans down to make the system nearly silent. When the movie is over, crank the fans back up and the system stays cool even though it runs 24/7.

It is awfully big and slightly menacing, but the door in front locks up to keep the kids out. (Although my youngest does have a habit of hiding the keys around the house in very unsuspecting places.)

If your interested in the full story, dig through the old DIY PVR posts and see how this Tivo-ish thing got built. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Another Server Upgrade...

I had to upgrade our servers at NO.2 Games again to fix some lockup problems our Linux box had that I just didn't have the time to trouble shoot. Now we're on a phat system that I can remote desktop into to watch all the processes in real-time.

I still have a few dependent websites to move over, but the process is going fairly smoothly.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Bad Day

A really bad day at the office today. Three things I had moved from the "my problem" category to the "not my problem" category returned in thier full glory.

In other news, my wife's blog is proceeding along nicely. I'm quite proud of the quality of her writing. (This from a person who claims not to be able to write.)

So to make this a completely disjointed post, I read today that Nintendo-branded a WiFi Dongle. Go figure.