Monday, March 11, 2013

Timelines, jQuery and Portfolios

Over the past few weeks I've been Gamifying my portfolio (more on that later) but I found that I needed to have something out there for opportunities that are happening now.

I have a non-traditional body of work--spanning film, advertising, interactive and games--and showing all of that in a way that flows seemed like daunting challenge. Oh, and I'd like it to work in pretty much any browser including the one on the iPad.

I've been playing around with desktop and touch interfaces in jQuery and I've been quite impressed. Throwing together a slick interface isn't a month long project anymore--in fact many developers have put together various pieces into frameworks or UI builders for you.

One such framework is Timeline.js that makes a touch responsive timeline available from a simple data series. Add a few menu controls, custom stylesheets and of course, the content, and you have a easy to navigate timeline-based portfolio.

Check it out here, I'd love some feedback.