Thursday, May 23, 2013

Space Monsters Love Bullets

If you're looking for a casual mobile game that has resource management, virtual pet style mini-games and lots of explosions, you should check out my latest work-in-progress project. Space Monsters Love Bullets is a casual mobile game for iOS and Android devices designed in a modern-pixel style. It combines a few different game styles in a fresh way that makes it a game you can pick up and play instantly, but has a depth that will keep you coming back.

The idea was sparked by watching my kids play all these virtual-farming-pet-breeding games. They really liked the interaction, but they hated waiting around for something to happen. I thought shooting monsters would make for a fun "farming" mechanic.

I chose Kickstarter because I wanted to get some validation that this is a good idea. The concept smushes two very different genres together, so if people get it they are likely to support it. If they don't get it, I don't want find that out after its finished.

Please, check it out and share if you want to make this project a reality.