Sunday, July 17, 2005

DIYPVR: What's Next?

Well, GB-PVR seems to be getting updates about once every three months so I will definitely continue to keep the software up to date. Also I'd like to explore writing some plug-ins — if I can think of a good idea for one.

Also, if you've read this whole series, you know that I run my PVR of a basic antenna and I really only get seven stations—ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, WB, and two PBS stations. Even with that limited choice of stations, I still find that I need to record two programs at once, or watch and record at the same time. So, my next big purchase will be another PVR-150, but this time the less expensive MCE version because I won't need another remote.

After that, additional hard drive space might be in order, or maybe an HD tuner – of course I'll need an HDTV to make proper use of that.

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