Thursday, July 14, 2005

DIYPVR: Media Extending with MediaMVP

First a quick explanation of “Media Extending”(a build on Microsoft's definition...)

With “Media Extending” you store all your digital media on a Media Center PC — photos, music, videos, live and recorded TV — and bring it all to life throughout your home through a piece of hardware that displays and controls your central Media Center PC.

One of the other reasons I chose GB-PVR as my TiVo-like software solution was it's ability to be controlled via a relatively inexpensive piece of hardware called the MediaMVP. The MediaMVP can be picked up for about $90 and provides remote access to all your recording, MP3s, photos, etc. that are stored on your GB-PVR enabled PVR.

So, in my case, my main entertainment center in located on the top floor of my three story home, and I have a small 17” LCD TV and bookshelf audio system on my 1st floor. By running a 100' ethernet cable between the two floors, I am able to stream nearly everything from Live TV to recordings to Internet radio. Currently, I'm in the process of running a second set of audio outs from my MediaMVP to the radio in my kitchen so I can listen my favorite on-line radio station throughout the house.

The MediaMVP isn't the most reliable piece of hardware out there, but since it takes a only a few seconds to boot-up, it's hardly a hassle when it locks or resets. (Which only happens about once a week.) Other than that, the S-Video output is pretty good, and the remote is the same one that came with the PVR-150 so the human interface looks just like my my main PVR.

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    1. Yep, needed a similar thing also. I looked at the mediaMVP for a couple days but didnt' want to have another box.

      I opted for the Avel Linkplayer2, which is a dvd with a network port that also comes with a streaming server for your computer (mac or pc). So far it's been great and got a pretty good deal on ebay. My dvd player was on its last legs anyway. Not to mention how much it annoys me not one dvd player at all the electronics stores has an ethernet port on it. Are we that stupid?