Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Day Aftermath

The party is officially over and now I'm stuck cleaning up this mess. Hundreds of red plastic cups are everywhere. I would like to say thanks again for all the Reddit readers that stopped by yesterday. I don't really believe that you're a poor man's Digg, it was just Internet fame getting the best of me.

Now for the numbers--what is a page one, top of fold spot on Reddit worth?

  • 138,224 unique visitors in about 18 hours
  • 196,390 page views (the site had only one page for the first 12 hours)
  • 8,297 views of my belated blog post
  • 100+ new Facebook friends
  • 70+ new Twitter followers to @stopwilson

    Enough with the quantitative, on to the qualitative.

    Feedback was overwhelmingly positive. It was more fun than it should have been staying up late and watching the Internet swirl. As the day progressed, awesome people awesomely tweeted about both the site concept and my writing. Some internet ladies claimed to have crushes on my site design! My wife would claim that that site design is spoken for, but she's not reading this.

    I'm sure you are so bored that you want to read each and every one, don't you?

    What's next?

    The meat and potatoes of this site are these blog posts (like the one you are reading now) and are hastily hand coded HTML. So there are no comments, no blog archive, or anything we've come to expect from even the worst blog platform.

    I will be thinking over the next few day how to DOS-ify commenting most probably using the Twitter JSON API which powers the "tweets" command on the landing page. Any other ideas are welcome.
    Everyone keeps yammering for Easter Eggs and I think I have one good idea, so we'll see how long it takes to get that going.

    So for now, tweet your comments to @stopwilson.
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