Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Livio Radio Rocks The House

I was contemplating buying another Chumby for internet radio in my office. It's a great device, but for $200 you can buy a netbook and the speakers on the Chumby leave a little to be desired.

Enter Livio Radio. This is a (relatively) inexpensive internet stereo at $150 that has the Pandora thumbs up/thumbs down buttons built right in.

Here's the most unexcited guy in the world explaining how it works...

If I wasn't trying to by a house in NY, I'd be all over this. :)


  1. Chumby speakers are beyond crappy!

  2. Livio is great. The video was created more along the lines of an instructional video. Did you catch the one where we dropped one out of a second story window and it still worked?
    Check it out on the website, plus for supporting Livio (even though you ragged on Greg some) I'll give you a promo code for a discount. TEN10. Hope this helps with your purchase decision! Good luck with the house in NY!