Sunday, April 22, 2007

Remote Desktop causes Unexpected Shutdown in Windows

(Worst title for a post ever...)

I'm struggling to troubleshoot Remote Desktop with Windows Vista. It seems that when connecting through the RDP Vista will reset itself with an "Unexpected Shutdown." It works better (but not perfectly) with Themes unchecked, but I don't have any idea why.

This isn't a reported bug, so I'm hoping some one stumbles across this and chimes in.


  1. A friend and I have the same problem with our Vista Ultimate machines. We both have very similar machines:

    Windows Vista Ultimate (English)
    2048 MB RAM
    Via based motherboard
    Intel Core 2 Duo processor

    My Vista is running with all bells and whistles on. By experiment I am already turning off all kinds of options, but no success.

    Hope they will fix this fast, because my machine is also running a VPC (2007), but that gets corrupted every time my machine reboots.

  2. I've also found that SyncToy 1.4 will cause the same kind of error. My best guess is that it's a RAM issue, even though my RAM passes the memory test.