Friday, February 08, 2008

UPDATE: Interesting Password Generator

You probably don't know, but I'm a password junkie. I have well over 100 sites that have user names and passwords.

To stay secure, I try to different passwords for each site I visit. That way if someone discovers my password on one site (like the OC fansite message board) they can’t use it on another site (like the Desparate Housewives fansite message board.)

So, I try to use a combination of a single password (awesomesauce) with the site that I’m on (ebay) into a new password (ebayawesomesauce). You can imagine how complicated that gets on hundreds of websites and how easy it would be to crack that code if you saw a few passwords.

Here comes the SuperGenPass to the rescue. It will generate new passwords based on the domain of the site you are using in conjunction with a “master password” encrypted to the point where no one can see the master password in the first place.

Confused yet? Check it out and keep your identity safe(r).


  1. Dude, you just gave out your ebay password. Guess who's getting a used iphone this weekend?

  2. Dammit! I knew something was wrong with my plan.