Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Monday, Monday.

I know it's Tuesday, but Monday's are so insane that I have to wait until Tuesday to complain about Monday.

Anyways, more portfolio updates last night, but still a bunch left to do. Also I have to convert all those portfolio descriptions to CDATA (what's that?) so I can embed links to the stuff I worked on that actually have web sites associated with it.

I was really surprised to find an IMDB listing and an Amazon Page for the movie "Shark." I worked on this movie in the summer of 1998 (I think) with the director Zak Reeder. Two of my friends--Jon Alexander and Ed Brown--worked as lead editor and 3D effects animator respectively, and I logged all the footage into the Avid and took over editing for a weekend while Jon was out of town. I never expected it to see the light of day, but there it is.

I guarantee, it's the worst $20 you'll ever spend.

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