Saturday, May 16, 2009

Canon T1i/500D Test Footage and Puppies

Here's a quick unfiltered look at the Canon T1i indoors at night with minimal lighting.

The pups are three lab boxer mix pups that we are boarding for the week--sleeping and being generally cute... Shot handheld with manual focus. No post processing, no color correction. Original file was about 150MB...

Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Canon T1i Heading My Way

I hate buying electronics--not because I hate electronics, but because I obsess over reviews, consumer reviews, unboxings, sample videos and whatever other information I can find pre-purchase.

So, after about a three months of debating on what HD video camera I wanted to buy, I completely switched gears and bought a Digital SLR still camera. Why you ask? The Canon T1i is a hybrid DSLR that shoots HD video (720p at 30FPS, about what a movie downloaded on Xbox Live would look like) and 15 megapixel stills.

I know equipment that try to do too many things often fail, and I do think Canon failed at building a usable everyday video camera--it won't auto focus while recording, audio is poor and BlueRay quality HD mode (1080p at 20FPS) is too slow to be useful. However when I see clips like this, I get excited about shooting video with a real 35mm lens.

If you click through to YouTube you can watch it in HD, but even there it's still not the full resolution of the 720p mode of the camera. (BTW, the 500D is the European version of the T1i, so same everything.)

I've got lots of things to figure out like manual focus, camera support, power, etc, but I think that DSLRs that shoot video will be the wave of the future.

It arrives tomorrow, so I hope to shoot some test footage this weekend.

Monday, May 11, 2009

UPDATED: Best Google Ad Ever!!!

UPDATE: My best guess is someone was just banging on the keyboard to make a test ad and KLM are just so close to each other on the keyboard that that's what the URL ended up being.

The sad part is it's probably one of the few ads I've clicked on in my Gmail, so this tactic may be surprisingly effective. :)

We've got a KLM person in the comments who may be able to verify. Kudos to them for following up.

Keep up the good work!